Rolling out the alpha of Paioo - my social blogging Drupal distro.

Currently, I just have a handful of features and some views, but this is built upon years of work with small businesses and seeing what works. I’ve also got some basic integration for Buffer to allow time release of posts into your social streams.

I’ve got some ideas on how to use different levels of attention (regular, featured, sticky) in layers to organically create more or less emphasis on the content you want your site identified with. For example - if your website is trying to rank for “Custom Websites” and “Business Websites”, then items that are related to those topics should have a greater prominence on the site. In other words, there should be more links to those pages and they should be at the top of your lists more of the time.

The goal is a highly functional but simple system that does most of the work for you. Currently I have wrapped the blog portion, gallery, UX updates and some base configuration stuff to put it together. Expect to see this in Github within a few weeks.