First time employed in 12 years

As a freelance developer, I am always browsing craigslist and forums looking for new projects. Sometimes, people advertise a job that ends up being a contract gig. A month or two ago I contacted a company about a possible position… and it resulted me being offered and actually accepting a salaried job for the first time in 12 years.

I sent an email (along with a few other inquiries) to a company called Jackson River. I’d briefly heard of them at some point (they do Drupal stuff), but figured they might need an extra pair of hands from time to time. I had a call with the lead developer that involved him quizzing me about Drupal. I kept waiting for the “tough” questions, but they never came… I actually know more than I thought I did. That happens when you work on your own - its sometimes tough to gauge the extent of your knowledge without any comparisons.

It was a great convo, and Phillip seemed like a cool guy. He wanted me to do a sample project - create a module that would let users clone webform fields to all other webforms of the same type (D6). There were some interesting issues (like checking to see if the parent fieldset existed and ordering otherwise), but I got it done on time and under budget. His feedback was helpful and I ended up with a nifty little module I was proud of.

At this point Jackson River extended me a formal offer. The money was ok (comperable to my current income), but without the irregularity of freelance work and the issues of lead generation, marketing, invoicing, etc. The best part - its a distributed company! So - I get to continue working from home… that pretty much sealed the deal for me

I’ll still be doing some work on the side, and my main sub Ed is able to carry alot of the ongoing work… so everyone wins. I’m very excited to move into this new chapter!

Jackson River makes a distribution called “Springboard” that is designed to allow non-profits to manage fundraising and tie their site into the Salesforce CRM… so this is enterprise level stuff. I’ll get to work on big projects, with talented people, making sites for some amazing non-profit organizations… actually helping to make the world a better place.