Drupal Multisite Subdomains - setting up dev and staging servers

This video shows how to add dev and staging subdomains (in Cpanel), and set up multisite code sharing in Drupal. Each of the sites uses a different database, but they are all sharing the same codebase (files) on the server. You can use the same steps to set up any multisite functionality you like.

 - Cpanel Access (x3 template)
 - Ability to add at least 2 subdomains
 - Ability to have at least 3 DB

1) Add two domains (pointed to html root!)
2) Add two databases
3) Add DB user to new DB
4) Export SQL from main site
5) Import SQL into the two new DB
6) Create folders for subdomains
7) Open current settings.php (copy)
8) Create 2 new settings.php (and paste)
9) Test!

In the video, I created the original subdomains on one domain, but ended up using another. The steps are still valid, but don’t let it confuse you!